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Spanish translations: Prof. Goya Enriquez/Dr. Ramon Sanchez
Portuguese translations: Paolas Barros/Marcela Nicoliello/Ines Boechat



Part 2 of the UCLA QA series (Questions)


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NEW globalcastMD podcast, June 2015 

Pediatric surgical based but with radiology relevance. Join Dr. Shawn St. Peter and Dr. Todd Ponsky as they discuss the contemporary diagnosis and management of empyema.

Table of contents:
02:37 - Evaluation of patient with pleural effusion
07:26 - Treatment algorithm for empyema
11:23 - Duration of antibiotic therapy
14:51 - Imaging for empyema
16:03 - Fibrinolysis
23:15 - Post-procedure chest x-ray
23:45 - Determining failure of therapy
26:44 - Pulmonary necrosis
31:57 - Pulmonary abscess
33:44 - Resection for pulmonary necrosis?
34:26 - Agents for fibrinolysis

Listen to the podcast on iTunes, download our GlobalCastMD App, or on SoundCloud by clicking on the icons below. (Former podcasts also accessible - stay current on Hirschsprung's Disease, for example - covered in May 2015).



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