Operational partners:

  • Addis Ababa University, the Radiologist Society of Ethiopia and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
  • American College of Radiology Foundation: ACR/Haiti course, broad-based support for WFPI’s work. (See here for the "Interlink" newsletter October 2014)

Click here for more on Imaging the World/WFPI outreach 

  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Banglahore, India: outreach project
  • Khayelitsha Hospital, Western Cape, South Africa: outreach project
  • Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University USA : strategic advice on membership development
  • Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders: tele-reading projects, TB films & training
  • RAD AID - see below

  • Centre for World Health, University College of Los Angeles, US: outreach project, Mozambique
  • WHO, Geneva: outreach project, Brazil/Mozambique
  • Dr Brian Garra of the Washington DC VA Medical Centre: outreach
  • Dr Kara-Lee Pool of UCLA/Imaging the World: outreach

Site illustrations

Drawings from Madagascar and Burkina Fasso: Christophe Lassalle (Paris, France)

Cartoons: Pascal Elie (Montreal, Canada) & Samuel Hanryon, aka “Brax” (Paris, France) 

Photos: contributed by the Al Hashimi, Atalabi, Lam and Mo families & Philippe Devred





An outreach partnership with RAD-AID is underway - see here for the joint WHO-PAHO/RAD AID/WFPI Joint Statement, September 2014. RAD-AID has the particular ability to harness a wide network of medical students with specific (preferably long term) interest in radiology in the developing world. WFPI will work with RAD-AID's teams, channeling expertise on pediatric issues. 

WFPI has also been invited to develop the pediatric aspects of RAD-AID's "radiology readiness" tool to compliment RAD-AID's valuable efforts to ensure that radiological imaging services are used for the best, i.e. to curtail funding wastage on high technology when basic infrastructure is not yet in place. The tool's development would expand data collection and analysis of radiology infrastructure specifically related to improving pediatric imaging. 

Among other projects in the pipeline, RAD-AID, WFPI and WHO/PAHO are combining forces in the organisation of on-site and online educational resources for pediatric radiology professionals in the developing world, leveraging current collaborative efforts between RAD-AID and WHO (currently offering webinars and on-site training workshops in Latin America and Caribbean) and the production of a text book covering pediatric imaging in lower resource settings.  

Image © Cecilia Ripol

Dr. Hansel Otero is WFPI's pediatric representative and liaison with RAD-AID, acting as RAD-AID's pediatric lead for Africa and Latin America. Dr. Otero has extensive experience in international outreach, including field work for MSF/DWB and RAD-AID.

Dr. Otero and RAD-AID's lead pediatric radiologist for Asia, Dr. Michael Reiter, are running pediatric assessments in Ghana and Laos respectively in May/June 2015. Dr. Otero has also participated in PAHO educational webinars for the Carribean.

Dr. Hansel Otero, Haiti December 2012. 


See here for RAD-AID's White Papers on imaging development aid, produced every year after its annual conference and published by JACR. WFPI's President Prof. ines Boechat spoke about the need for pediatric radiologists in global health initiatives at RAD-AID's 6th Annual RAD-AID Conference on Global Health Radiology (at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Saturday, October 25, 2014) and as a speaker, co-authored the subsequent RAD-AID Conference White Paper. 


Further RAD-AID resources and project overviews are available on its website: see here.

RAD-AID Annual Conference, 7th November 2015 (see here)

Drs. Hansel Otero, Kassa Darge, Rebecca Stein-Wexler, Dorothy Bulas & Michael Reiter participated in the 7th annual Rad-Aid Conference held in Washington DC. They spoke on the following topics: Michael Reiter on Laos, Hansel Otero on Ghana, Rebecca Stein-Wexler on the UCD program to Haiti, and Dorothy Bulas on WFPI

Image left: L to R: Drs. Rebecca Stein-Wexler, Hansel Otero and Kassa Darge. images below: Dr. Dorothy Bulas who presented "Working with professional societies for global healt: WFPI" to the RAD-AID congress