WFPI celebrates 10 years of Global Service

The conviction that there was a need for a stronger pediatric voice within imaging and that 'strength lies in numbers' were key facets  in the foundation of the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging (WFPI) announced at the International Congress of Pediatric Radiology in London in 2011.

Created by all major pediatric radiology societies from five continents, WFPI is an umbrella organization uniting all involved in pediatric imaging. Recognizing the limited resources each regional society has to offer international initiatives, the founders encouraged the formation of WFPI to increase our community’s outreach effectiveness and impact.  Our aim is to provide an international platform, to have one voice and one message in addressing global challenges in delivery of pediatric radiology education.  

10 years on and WFPI is now working and collaborating with major international organizations (UN, WHO), international radiological societies (ISR, ESR, RSNA) and multiple national radiology organizations through all continents.

With five global regions, all holding equal voting rights, radiologists from every part of the world are represented and included in the educational programs and wide range of initiatives and projects.

In October 2021, at the International Congress of Pediatric Radiology in Rome, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Federation. It was remarkable to feel and belong to the international family of pediatric radiology, meeting old and new friends from different countries and continents, enjoying the commaraderie and making new plans and projects for the future.

WFPI leaders and volunteers were well-represented on the congress program with 24 different speakers presenting 29 talks and 2 posters.  

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WFPI is open to everyone who would like to be involved and improve the imaging of children worldwide.  Only through the collaboration and communication, can we achieve the best and sustainable results.
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Photos from IPR 2021