Celebrate the 5th International Day of Radiology (IDoR) on November 8

The International Day of Radiology is building greater awareness of the value that radiology research, diagnosis and treatment contribute to safe patient care, and better understanding of the vital role radiologists perform in healthcare delivery.

This year the day is dedicated to breast imaging and the essential role that radiologists play in the detection, diagnosis and management of diseases of the breast. We are proud to be joined by the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) and the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI). Both organizations will actively participate in various IDoR activities to help stress the significance of our specialty in breast healthcare. 

The involvement of the radiation protection campaigns EuroSafe Imaging and Image Wisely reflects another key objective of the organizers, i.e. to raise awareness of the necessity of reducing radiation exposure. 

As a member of the radiology community, you and your local radiology organizations and institutions can help support this important recognition of the contributions radiology has made to patient healthcare delivery and safety.

Use the resources below to promote IDoR in your local community, and visit the official IDoR website (www.internationaldayofradiology.com) to learn more.