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WFPI Funding availability 2016


With the approval of the Council, WFPI’s treasurer has put aside $US 3000 of internal funding for allocation to projects in 2016. 


Funding proposals can cover either 



Keep any eye out on the ACR Foundations' awards for international work - travel grants and the recent announcement of a new resident scholarship opportunity for one month in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.See the Foundation's newsletter, Interlink, December 2015, for more details. 


The Society of Pediatric Radiology (SPR) offers awards and grants through its Research and Education Foundation. WFPI circulates information on application processes and deadlines, but keep an eye on the calendar yourself - here 



Offers scholarships in Europe and around the world

Join ESOR on Facebook and keep track of ESOR pediatric radiology training opportunities, courses and e-learning 


Announcement: International Travel Position Available

RAD-AID is offering funded slots on our volunteer team serving in Laos for a new children's hospital, Lao Friends Hospital for Children (photo below). We are seeking technologists with specialty in pediatric radiography and/or pediatric sonography who are available to volunteer and teach abroad for ~8 weeks in early 2016.  Adult-radiology technologists with substantial pediatric experience are also encouraged to apply.  Experience in teaching radiologic techniques is a plus. RAD-AID has been sending teams to Laos since May 2015 with great success, and we ask for your help on the RAD-AID Laos Team. Apply now

WFPI also provides imaging tele-support in Laos Friends Hospital for Children - for more information, click here

ALSO:  Available Positions on RAD-AID PACS Team

RAD-AID is offering slots on its volunteer RAD-AID PACS Team. In the past few months, RAD-AID implemented PACS in Laos, Nicaragua and Haiti, bringing large technological help to hospitals in the developing world who never had PACS before. In 2016, it is planning PACS installations & trainings in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nepal and Ghana. If you are a radiology resident, radiology attending, technologist or PACS/IT professional, RAD-AID needs you on its PACS team. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with PACS, RAD-AID can train you so that you can learn how to help others adopt and use vital PACS and Health IT; you are encouraged to apply.
If you are a radiology resident or technologist seeking to broaden your skills in PACS and IT: WELCOME
Even if you have already applied for a position in another RAD-AID team, please submit the PACS team registration if you wish to be considered. Acceptances to the RAD-AID PACS Team are on a rolling basis and it has limited positions.

ESPR announces a new "Guy Sebag Research Grant".

The grant is for clinical, basic or translational research in paediatric radiology, aiming at stimulating new research initiatives rather than funding mature research programs. It was established in honor of Prof. Guy Sebag (1959-2014), a highly esteemed advocate and promoter of paediatric radiology and research. This funding opportunity is 10,000€ to be awarded every second year during the ESPR Congress. 

Eligibility: (Registrar) paediatric radiologist working in European institutions; no age restraints. Only one grant may be awarded per applicant during their academic career.

Application and deadline: A two-page proposal comprising a short CV and a summary of the project background, aims, material & method should be sent to the ESPR Office to the att. of the ESPR Research Committee Chair; deadline January 31st.

Selection Process: The research grant proposal will be evaluated by the ESPR Research Committee. Innovative, well thought out projects with a high likelihood of competitive funding beyond the initial phase will receive the strongest scores. The applicant typically receives notification of award approximately six weeks after the deadline.


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