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2nd volume: AOSPR newsletter - Asian and Oceanic Forum for Pediatric Radiology.  

Contents include 

From the Editorial board:
Pediatric Radiology: Providing Optimum Healthcare Delivery in Children Through Medical Imaging. Bernard F. Laya

Invited Articles:

  • The Role of Computed Tomography Imaging in Children with Complex Congenital Cardiovascular Disease; Vincent Tatco, Derrick Chansiongpen, and Maria Kristine Mendoza
  • Multidetector CT Scan of the Thoracic Aorta in the Evaluation of Interrupted Aortic Arch: A Review; Timothy Reynold U. Lim and Jacqueline Austine U. Uy
  • Dengue: Multi-organ Clinical Correlation with Multi-modality Imaging Mariaem M. Andres, Nathan David P. Concepcion and Abigail L. Pornobi
Case Reports
  • Multimodality Imaging in the Evaluation of Parasitic Twinning; Scott Riley K. Ong, Alvin C. Camacho, Romelito Jose G. Galsim, Renato M. Carlos, and Ger- ardo L. Beltran
  • “Sweet Potato Leg”: A Case Report on the Importance of Medical Imaging in the Diagnosis of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome; James II G. Casuga, Susan R. Gaspar-Mateo, Samuel B. Bangoy, Maria Theresa T. Sanchez, Derly R. Principe-Valderrama
  • Surfer’s Myelopathy in an Adolescent Male; Hannah Regina G. Villalobos, Mariaem M. Andres, Bernard F. Laya
  • Runs in the family: A Case of Familial Hypertrohphic Cariomyopathy with atypical location; Jeremiah A. Sarmiento and Jasmine Marie E. Arzadon

January 2016 issue - ISR newsletter in a new format:  “ISRQSA News” is a continuation of "Quality News.“ While the name has changed, the purpose is the same: to share experience, promote awareness, and facilitate improvement in radiological quality and safety (RQS) in different settings. Here



Newsletter, Interlink, December 2015



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