• Cicero Silva (USA/Brazil): lead
  • Greg Baker (South Africa): tele-coordinator
  • Aadil Ahmed (South Africa)
  • Richhard Barth (USA)
  • Ines Boechat (USA/Brazil)
  • Anne Boothroyd (UK)
  • Jonathan Brandon (USA) 
  • Denise Castro (USA/Brazil)
  • Fafooq Chaudhry (Saudi Arabia)
  • Karen Chetcuti (UK)
  • Ronald Cohen (USA)
  • Brian Coley (USA)
  • Sarah Desoky (USA)
  • Goran Djuricic (Serbia)
  • Veronica Donoghue (Ireland)
  • Ricardo Faingold (Canada)
  • Michelle Fink (Australia)
  • Caroline Guimaraes (USA/Brazil)
  • Peter Hui (Hong Kong)
  • Pinar Karakas (USA)
  • Pamela Ketwaroo (USA)
  • Tracy Kilborn (South Africa)
  • Eva Kis (Hungry)
  • Charlotte Kwong (Hong Kong)
  • Liliian Lai (USA)
  • Henrique Lederman (Brazil)
  • Nasreen Mahomed (South Africa)
  • Kieran McHugh (UK)
  • Halavani Moodley (South Africa)
  • Silvia Moguillansky (Argentina) 
  • Jose Antonio Monteiro Flores (Brazil)
  • Preeyacha Pacharn (Thailand)
  • Edward Richer (USA)
  • Hans Ringerzt (Sweden/USA)
  • Ramon Sanchez (Spain/USA)
  • Randheer Shailam (USA)
  • Benjamin Taragin (USA)
  • Eilish Twomey (Ireland)


  • Thanks to robust responses to our previous volunteer calls, WFPI is not looking for more tele-reading volunteers right now (we will let you know if this changes via our Facebook and Twitter channels)

  • However, if you belong to a society/group which is in turn a member of WFPI, would you like to participate in our virtual education efforts? Our outreach? Contribute to WFPI in another way? If so, please contact us
  • If your institution is looking to set up a multi-centre research project and you would like us to spread the word, contact us
  • Do you have  ideas to share with us? On our work, our visibility or raising funds? All input welcome - please contact us



The WFPI's official working language is English, but our group is composed of people speaking many, many different languages. We are aware of the linguistic challenges involved in operating internationally and aim to be sensitive on this point at all times. Volunteer and working groups communicate as they chose; our only request is an English language "end point" for global sharing.

Caution: Google (machine translation) is an imperfect art.
It is provided here as a service to our many colleagues worldwide.