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AOSPR - June 11-13 2015



This event incorporates the 51st Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Pediatric Radiology (JSPR). 

Since Professor Fujioka and the JSPR organized the inaugural meeting in Tokyo in 2000, AOSPR has been held every year in all over Asia and Oceania. Coming 2015 meeting will be the 15th anniversary for the AOSPR.
This time, our theme is “Pediatric Radiology: Less Invasive, More Efficient”. There will be a special symposium based on this theme. The organizing committee members have been working to make this conference an educational and enjoyable experience. We offer very comfortable environment, providing participants with much opportunity for learning, discussion and knowledge-sharing in this field.

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EAP 17-20 September '15

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The European Academy of Paediatrics Congress and MasterCourse (EAP 2015) will be taking place in Oslo, Norway 17-20 September 2015 (congress website here, provisional program here). The Scientific Committee is developing a program with topics covering all areas of interest in the field of pediatrics and the congress will provide the most updated, state-of-the-art information on the latest developments in research and clinical practice in the main areas of Pediatrics. The MasterCourse is dedicated to Allergology.

SLARP 15-17 Oct 2015

Our Mission:
To disclose and propagate Pediatric Radiology in  Latin America, especially among young physicians, encouraging them to open their minds to a specialty that is so important to our children. We aim to spread knowledge to the largest number of people possible, and to improve the quality of diagnostic imaging for our children, reducing diagnosis time and avoiding unnecessary exams. A child is not a small adult; diseases of that age group have their own peculiarities and a radiologist needs specific training to adequately deal with the diseases that are peculiar to this particular population. The upcoming event will be a very interesting opportunity to make the specialty widely known and to encourage young professionals to devote themselves to such a challenging field of imaging.

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CBTms 2015, 28-30 October


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PiDRL 15-17 October 2015


European Diagnostic Levels for Paediatric Imaging