Pediatric Radiology Module from Cleveland clinic

Study guides from the American Board of Radiology for radiology residency examination


"The Core Curriculum, Pediatric Imaging"  2006 copyright, of ongoing use and relevance so now made available in searchable pdf format - THANK YOU to the authors and publisher. Click here for the compressed version (90MB) or here for the non-compressed version (about 240MB, image quality improved). Both documents searchable and bookmarked when viewed with a pdf reader.  


Information on RSNA's "Introduction to Research for International Young Academics Program"

Brazil e-health material: UERJ telehealth Centre and RADPED

Radiology of Childhood Abuse: Nandish Shah, Egial Shalaby Rana, Prof. Dorothy Bulas

Normal and pitfalls - CXR: Supika Kritsaneepaiboon M.D.

"Don't Miss" Pediatric Pathologies: Pictorial review of common critical radiographic and sonographic findings that should not be missed by on-call radiology residents - Lu F,  Miller L, Fedele D, Akinyemi M 

Radiology cases in Pediatric ER Medicine from University of Hawaii, available as downloads to a PC.

Pediatric Radiology teaching file at USUHS, Bethesda, MD

Peer-reviewed cases in pediatric radiology

Brazil e-health material, UERJ telehealth Centre and RADPED (a general radiology wiki, but contains many pediatric articles and cases) 

More e-learning links for pediatric radiology students provided by BSPR. Includes R-ITI (the Radiology - Integrated Training Initiative), an e-learning project developed in collaboration with the UK's Royal College of Radiologists. 




ESOR: European School of Radiology

CLICK HERE to access ESOR GALEN e-learning: foundation courses in pediatric radiology

 Join ESOR on Facebook and keep track of scholarships available in Europe and around the world. 

Also from ESR: EuroRad (selected and teaching cases) and MyESR - education and training page



Spanish translations: Prof. Goya Enriquez/Dr. Ramon Sanchez
Portuguese translations: Paolas Barros/Marcela Nicoliello/Luiz Eduardo Moraes Osório/Ines Boechat



Part 2 of the UCLA QA series (Questions)


       ENGLISH                                              SPANISH  


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Other useful publications

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See here for WFPI's TB Corner - lectures and videos on Childhood TB, the interpretation of CXR films and more



From the American College of Radiology (ACR). Expand your knowledge of pediatric CT with this FREE interactive case module. Developed and offered by the ACR,the child-sizing CT dose: optimizing patient care through quality improvement case provides a 360° overview of the latest concepts and practices in radiation dose monitoring for child CT scans. 


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HIGHLY recommended reading from the UK's Royal College of Radiologists 


Sonoworld website - sign up for free membership and newsletters (example here), access excellent content such as Harriet Paltiel's 3-part videos, "Ultrasound of the Pediatric Chest" 




Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology: A Practical Approach. An open access E-book in English, Chinese and Spanish. Edited by Dr. Alfred Abuhamad, a renowned international expert on ultrasound with contributions from Drs. Rabih Chaoui, Philippe Jeanty, and Dario Paladini who possess an immense knowledge in the field and are recognized as giants in ultrasound imaging.