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Resources for radiologists delivering pediatric radiology care with limited subspecialty educational opportunities

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General Resources

Saving the Starfish - What we do and Why


Pediatric Radiology Academy - YouTube


D'Allesandro curated content

  • Pediatric radiology websites developed by Michael D’Alessandro, M.D. University of Iowa College of Medicine, USA
  • Radiology ebooks - digital library to index all the free educational radiology ebooks and Apps in one place (curated by Michael D’Alessandro, M.D)
  • See also Michael D'Alessandro's tweets @pedsimaging on Twitter
    In Prof. D'Alesandro's own words:
    Provides a centralized and curated stream of the best pediatric radiology information I find on Twitter
    Provide links to newly discovered free radiology education resources I index at,, and
    Shares thoughts on the latest trends in the practice of pediatric radiology and in the field of radiology education.

Cleveland Clinic Curriculum

Open Access Journal articles

OPEN ACCESS - Pediatric imaging issue of Journal of American Osteopathic College of Radiology (JAOCR), January 2015. Guest edited by Dr. Bernard Laya. ​Articles are divided into three sections: 1. Review articles, 2. ​ Case Reports, and 3. Viewbox articles.


Mini-Symposium - “World Federation of Pediatric Imaging: Outreach in the Developing World”. Issued May 2014

Coordinated and edited by Prof. Savvas Andronikou, this mini-symposium features a series of short commentaries and papers from pediatric radiologists around the world who are active in WFPI or in other outreach activities. In the words of Dr. Peter Strouse, Pediatric Radiology Editor, "As you read, you will be struck by the disparity between wealthy countries, where most of us live and work, and the developing world, where health care resources are sparse and help is needed. These disparities are even more striking if one considers the sheer number of children who live in underserved areas of the world."

This mini-symposium aims to expose the readership to the work of WFPI and related outreach activities and convey a greater sense of the needs, the opportunities that exist, the challenges ahead and the accomplishments to date. 

Above all, this international production reflects WFPI's primary purpose: communication and collaboration between pediatric imaging physicians via their organizations. This is the volunteer-based nucleus driving WFPI outreach forward. We hope our authors fuel its expansion, along with the ever-closer union on which our future work depends.  

SPR Meeting Archives - Electronic Posters


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