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WFPI's participation in an International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis in Italy 2012 revealed the need for access to Childhood TB imaging expertise and educational tools. With its global reach to the world's TB hotspots and physicians, WFPI is well placed to address some of these needs. Dr. Bernard Laya (Manila, Philippines) heads our Childhood TB Group. 


Dr. Bernard Laya (Philippines)

WFPI's Childhood TB Group aims to impact on Childhood TB diagnosis using radiology in low resource areas. To this end it aims to:

  • Create a bank of educational literature (education and information dissemination on TB facts in the form of reviews, features, and case series) and short videos on Childhood TB, produced for WFPI's TB Corner by the TB Group and available for wide onward circulation. Maximum dissemination is our goal! Authors thus far identified from Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa.
  • Collect existing TB literature and web-based TB learning material and host it on TB Corner as a reliable resource
  • Support facilities and TB activities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe through a "hotline" of TB specialists providing second opinions, guidance and targeted education and training 
  • Initiate and participate in Childhood TB research


TB Corner Contents

Literature produced by WFPI's Childhood TB Group

Bernard F. Laya, Ma. Carmela L. Sto. Domingo, Xanthe Marie Javier and Marion Sanchez
St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines


Lectures & videos from our Childhood TB group

TB Group


  • Bernard Laya (Philippines): LEAD
  • Savvas Andronikou (South Africa)
  • Nathan David P. Concepcion (Philippines)
  • Mariaem Andres (Philippines)
  • Jacqueline Austine Uy, Philippines
  • Hamzaini Abdul Hamid (Malaysia)
  • Supika Kritsanepaiboon (Thailand)
  • Rupesh Gautam (Nepal)
  • Bishnu Sigdel (Nepal)


Current TB network

  • ISR/TB Steering Group,
  • Stanford University Hospital
  • Médecins Sans Fronitières/Doctors without Borders
  • Stop TB Strategy Unit, WHO
  • Imaging the World
  • European PTBNET

World TB Day

More facts and figures

How many children have Tuberculosis? What treatment is available for them? See TB Alliance website for data.

WFPI collaboration with ISR - "Imaging of Tuberculosis"



The International Society of Radiology’s International Commission on Radiology Education (ICRE) and its Imaging of Tuberculosis Steering Committee have developed an open access, online education module on “Imaging of Tuberculosis”.

Dr. Eric Stern, the TB Steering Committee's Chair, is pleased and proud to announce that this project is now complete and ready for use. Please circulate this link!

The Steering Committee includes representatives of the Japanese Society of Thoracic Radiology, the Fleischner Society, the Korean Society of Thoracic Radiology, the Russian Society of Thoracic Radiology, the South African Society of Radiology, the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging and the European Society of Radiology.

More Childhood TB literature


Tuberculosis in children: Carlos M. Perez-Velez, M.D., and Ben J. Marais, M.D., Ph.D.N Engl J Med 2012; 367:348-361

Reversal of Misfortunes - South Africa's response to HIV-TB: Feb 2013, Vol 339, www.sciencemag.org

New imaging approaches for improving diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis: S. Bélard, S. Andronikou, T. Pillay, M. Grobusch, H. Zar, South African Medical Journal, March 2014 

Through the Eye of the Suprasternal Notch - Searching For TB: Tsepo Moseme and Savvas Andronikou Department of Radiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand

Imaging HIV – and the problem of TB Co-infection in Children: Savvas Andronikou, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

WHO Bulletin, published online June 2012: Feasibility of using teleradiology to improve tuberculosis screening and case management in a district hospital in Malawi

Out of the Dark; meeting the needs of children with TB: Médecins Sans Frontières, Access Campaign, 2011

UPDATE, Out of the Dark; meeting the needs of children with TB: Médecins Sans Frontières, Access Campaign, 2012


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