African Society of Paediatric Imaging (AfSPI)



Dr Tracy Kilborn, SASPI President is the President of AfSPI (2021/22) 
Dr Omidiji  Olubukola, SPIN President will be AfSPI President (2023/2024).
Dr Linda Tebogo Hlabangana is the secretary of AfSPI
Past President:  Dr. Jaishree Naidoo
Founding President (2012-14): Prof. Savvas Andronikou




The African Society of Paediatric Imaging (AfSPI) was formed officially as a subgroup of the African Society of Radiology with permission of Prof. Hassen Gharbi and with official documentation formalizing the society from the ASR secretary Prof Michael Kawooya on 30 October 2012.
The body was formed to facilitate African continental representation at international forums (such as the ASR itself and the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging).
AfSPI has a virtual membership comprising any radiologists interested in pediatric imaging in Africa and any African pediatric radiologists working outside of Africa. There has been no fee requirement for membership up till the present. The membership is held as a digital database, which is contacted by bulk mail (currently under the guardianship of Dr Tebogo Hlabangana in South Africa).
The overall aim of this society is to promote and facilitate pediatric radiology in Africa with an understanding of the context and resources. To achieve this the following functions of the society were conceived:
-       Dissemination of pediatric radiology information [currently digitally through a newsletter and via the WFPI website]
-       To facilitate meetings of board members and for other interested parties
-       To produce pediatric radiology publications relevant to Africa
-       To promote exchange between key persons and national societies
-       To facilitate outreach volunteer missions for support and teaching
-       To participate in global decision making forums and offer African insights
Activities to date:
-       Formation and formalization of the society
-       Four regions defined for representation until national societies take form
[Soutern Africa (currently represented by SASPI); West Africa (currently represented by SPIN); East Africa (currently represented by Kenya / Ethiopia) and North Africa (currently represented by Egypt)]
-       Representation at WFPI board meetings
-       Local  /regional outreach facilitation [Malawi; Swaziland] in collaboration with the WFPI and SASPI
-       Meeting at SPR in San Antonio 2013 between board members
-       The proposed AfSPI meeting at the ICR Sharm el Sheik did not take place because the meeting was postponed and relocated to Dubai.
-       Newsletters have been put out intermittently [we thank Dr. Hlabangana for helping with these].
-       Members have been involved in a number of publications in Pediatric Radiology and in production of one book for developing countries, to date.



Founding President (2012-14): Prof. Savvas Andronikou
Current President (2014-16): Dr. Jaishree Naidoo
Leadership is being maintained in South Africa for now so as to stabilize AfSPI and drive forward its development through synchronization with SASPI's activities (South African Society of Pediatric Imaging). Thereafter, regional rotation of the Presidency will resume.


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Challenges to Pediatric Radiology in Developing Countries: a focus on Africa - Savvas Andronikou University of the Witwatersrand South Africa

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