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The World Federation of Paediatric Imaging (WFPI) is an international organisation that provides a platform for pediatric radiology organisations united to address the challenges in global pediatric imaging training and service delivery.

An important part of her mission is Outreach and Training in lower resource settings. In fulfilment of this mission, WFPI is offering up to a three month sponsored training to be spent in Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Johannesburg in South Africa under Dr Jaishree Naidoo as a mentor to tune of $3000 US to cover transport and living expenses.

The program aims to enhance the clinical practice and teaching of paediatric radiology at all levels of healthcare more broadly in Africa, by developing expertise in imaging techniques and familiarity with protocols appropriate to the continent’s burden of childhood disease. The program is designed to complement and expand basic specialist training in diagnostic radiology.  The outcome will be detailed knowledge and in-depth experience of paediatric imaging in the context of Africa’s unique disease burden.  The knowledge and skills acquired will empower a radiologist to conduct optimal paediatric imaging in either a general radiology service or a dedicated paediatric service.


During the 2-3 months of observership the coordinator will be orientating, tutoring and guiding the observer in the various aspect of paediatric imaging i.e:

1. Performance of the various fluoroscopic paediatric procedures

2. Ultrasound of the paediatric patient- renal ultrasound, liver imaging, transplant imaging, dopplers, cranial ultrasound.

3. Approach to Plain film reporting: approach to a chest x-ray, abdomen x-ray, bone, skeletal surveys for non- accidental imaging.

4. MRI- mri protocols, approach to the paediatric brain, myelination, oncology imaging

5. CT- dose, protocols, approach to the paediatric brain, abdomen, head and neck, oncology imaging.

The observer must be committed to the program for the entire period.

The observer may report on a case only under guidance of the supervisor (the paediatric radiologist)

The observer will be required to attend and contribute to the academic meetings.

Criteria/ Eligibility:

·        Must be currently in a senior resident position sub specialising/ interested in pediatric radiology or

·        Must have completed radiology training not more than 2-5 years and focusing his/ her practice in pediatric radiology

·        Evidence of publications in pediatric radiology related topics is an advantage

·        Must be fluent in both written and spoken English

·        Applicant should be in a position to subsidise the fellowship grant if necessary

·        The applicant should submit a report through the host mentor before leaving on the experience gained and how this will improve pediatric radiology practice in the home country

Supporting Documents:

A personal statement of not more than 2 pages on how the knowledge gained by the applicant will benefit and improve the practice of pediatric radiology in the home country.

A letter of release/ support from the head department of radiology of the applicant in the home country

A letter of release from the head of the institution in the Home country

A support letter of active participation in Pediatric Radiology/Imaging Association activities of the home country.

Deadline for Application: 30th April 2018.





Applications will be reviewed by the Internal Funding Allocation Committee which will then make funding recommendations to WFPI’s Council (represented by its Executive Committee). The Council's decision is final.


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How is WFPI funded to date?

The WFPI's current operating costs are being generously funded by founding societies SPR and ESPR and the SPR's Research & Education Foundation  

We also charge our Organization Members nominal fees for their yearly membership - details here  


Dr. Stuart Royal, WFPI's fund raising advisor