Hosting an Observership

The Program is designed for Academic institutions,  with pediatric radiology faculty, in regions with limited access to pediatric radiology services.

The Program aims to enhance the clinical practice and teaching of pediatric radiology at all levels of healthcare, by developing expertise in imaging techniques and familiarity with protocols appropriate to the region’s burden of childhood disease. The program is designed to complement and expand basic specialist training in diagnostic radiology.  The knowledge and skills acquired will empower a radiologist to conduct optimal pediatric imaging in either a general radiology service or a dedicated pediatric service.

During the 2-3 months of the program the Observership Coordinator will be orientating, tutoring and guiding the participant in the various aspect of pediatric imaging i.e:

  • Performance of the various fluoroscopic pediatric procedures
  • Ultrasound of the paediatric patient- renal ultrasound, liver imaging, transplant imaging, dopplers, cranial ultrasound.
  • Approach to Plain film reporting: approach to a chest x-ray, abdomen x-ray, bone, skeletal surveys for non- accidental imaging.
  • MRI- mri protocols, approach to the pediatric brain, myelination, oncology imaging
  • CT- dose, protocols, approach to the pediatric brain, abdomen, head and neck, oncology imaging.

The WFPI is committed to funding 4 -5 Observerships per year.  If you are interested in hosting an observership, contact the WFPI Administrative Offices at to describe your local conditions. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hosts - 2018 - 2020

South Africa 2018

India 2019 

Philippines 2019 


Argentina 2019