In May 2013 the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) hosted residents from Mozambique in its pediatric radiology department with great success. The venture rolled out in collaboration with the WFPI & UCLA's Centre for World Health.There are plans to offer an extended rotation for junior Mozambique faculty in June 2014 and a WFPI/UCLA visit to Mozambique the same year.

Equipment for the Mozambique hospitals is a constant issue - contacts will be taken up with radiology foundations and industry in this regard.

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E-learning & tele-medicine, Brazil

Similar to other health initiatives in Brazil, the Brazilian government, via the State University of Rio de Janeiro, has responded to the vastness of the country and health care disparities by developing an online approach. The UERJ Telehealth Centre, Rio de Janeiro, has adopted the free, open sourced moodle platform for its distance education program and added on a teleconsulting system offering synchronous (live chat) or asynchronous access. The image below shows the reach of the pediatric radiology platform, RADPED.

The WFPI aims to facilitate Mozambique's access to these e-learning platforms. There are also joint WHO-WFPI-Brazil-Mozambique plans to extend the system to a tele-reading platform in support of the Maputo Central Hospital, Mozambique, accompanied by on-site training (CXR – pediatric tuberculosis included, US) as offered in other WFPI outreach projects.