Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: pediatric radiology fellowship


The Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Addis Ababa University/ Radiological Society of Ethiopia (RSE)/The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), University of Pennsylvania, USA

In collaboration with: the African Society of Pediatric Imaging & the South African Society of Pediatric Imaging

The pediatric radiology fellowship, Addis Ababa

The Department of Radiology, Addis Ababa University and the RSE have been in partnership with CHOP for 4 years in an outreach programme aiming to:
  • Establish a pediatric radiology fellowship,
  • Provide initial training to the country’s first pediatric radiologists,
  • Enhance the pediatric radiology aspects of the residency training, and
  • Provide CME for the general radiologists following the same.

Brochure, Pediatric Radiology CME, August 2014 

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Prof. Wolfgang Hirsch from Leipzig, Germany, teaching during the course

Prof. Kassa Darge, Coordinator of the CHOP International Outreach Program to Ethiopia delivering the introductory presentation

Aug 2014 - course details

The 4th Annual Pediatric Radiology Continuing Medical Education took place on Sunday the 3rd of August 2014, a day after the 19th Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of Ethiopia. It was conducted under the auspices of the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging (WFPI). This one-day national CME course was a great success with the largest number of attendees ever.

This year a total of 140 participants took part in the CME course, primarily radiology residents and radiology consultants, but also pediatricians and pediatric surgeons. This record number of participants was impressive as it included 80%-90% of the radiologists in the country. Not only did they come from the capital city Addis Ababa but from all around the country. The Ethiopian Medical Association through funds from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States covered the costs for the meeting and also the travel and accommodation for the Ethiopian radiologists coming in from outside the capital city Addis Ababa to attend the meeting. The one radiology consultant and 3 residents from Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia, United States), who were working at the time in the Department of Radiology of the Addis Ababa University, also took part in the CME course. As currently practiced in the country there was no CME course fee.

Dr. Amal Saleh, President of the Radiological Society of Ethiopia (RSE) delivering the opening speech

The CME course was carried out by 6 international faculties, 3 from CHOP and 3 invited external faculties of the CHOP International Pediatric Radiology Outreach Program. The CHOP faculty members were Prof. Kassa Darge, Dr. Andrew Mong and Dr. Teresa Victoria. The invited faculty members were Prof. Wolfgang Hirsch (Department of Radiology, Maternal and Child Health Center, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany), Dr. Edsa Neguisse (Providence Hospital and Medical Centers, Wayne State Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, USA) and Dr. Hansel Otero (Department of Imaging and Radiology, National Children’s Health System, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA) as a contributor and organizer of the unknown cases, but not present in person. The faculty members were either supported by their respective departments and/or covered their travel expenses fully or in part personally. 

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In 2013 CHOP conducted a total of 6 weeks of pediatric radiology outreach service in the Dept. of Radiology with the support of 6 faculty members from 4 different institutions in the USA. 

Children's Hospital Philadelphia, USA



Haiti & WFPI

Projects identified by Mr. Brad Short, ACR, Dorothy Bulas, WFPI, and Rebecca Stein-Wexler, WFPI


Eva Rubio MD teaching in Port-au-Prince, March 2013 

The ACR has partnered with Grace Children’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and sponsors annual radiology education days.

Drs. Dorothy Bulas (program co-chair, image left)), Jennifer Nicholas and Kimberly Applegate (SPR) participated in the 3rd ACR/ICC Radiology Education Days Conference on 24-25 March 2014, providing eight outstanding didactic lectures on different aspects of pediatric imaging and a hands-on ultrasound program featuring pediatric patients from nearby University General Hospital and Grace Children’s Hospital. The session was attended by a capacity crowd of 100 Haitian physicians.

The days ran in parallel with the Chicago Haiti Health Consortium/ICC Education Symposium; the pediatric radiology concepts presented at the ACR/ICC conference on Day 1 synthesized with the clinical information presented at the Symposium on the subsequent days. On Day 2, NICU chest radiographs served as radiology cases, dovetailing beautifully with a talk by Dr. Christine Sajous, a neonatologist from Loyola University in Chicago.  On Day 3, pediatric neuroradiology cases (both ultrasound and CT) were presented to  enthusiastic - and accurate - participants. The synergy between the conferences was excellent and suggests great opportunity to combine forces moving forward.(Image R: Dr. Kimberly Applegate demonstrating US techniques)

During her visit, Dr. Jennifer Nicholas (lecturing, image left) met some 150 healthcare providers looking to enrol in her nascent online learning community "Pediatrics Global Health" (WFPI hopes to link in to the content of this site).  The enrolment process provides further opportunities to learn about individual educational interests and needs.


When ACR first went to Haiti in 2011, 19 radiologists were serving a population of over 10 million.  Today, we are pleased to report that 10 radiology residents are currently in training at the University General Hospital.  If they matriculate successfully and stay in Haiti, radiologist numbers will have increased by 50%. While in Haiti, ACR met with the leaders of the hospital and signed a Memorandum of Understanding to assist these residents in their training as they prepare for a new hospital with greater diagnostic radiology capability.  

Furthermore, ACR also met with the Medical School of Haiti to assist in the formal development of a four-year radiographer program, echoing WFPI’s own drive to involve and support radiographers in its outreach and education work. They are pivotal to imaging outreach and education initiatives in lower resource settings, and WFPI applauds the inclusion of a 2 day radiographer program in these 3rd Annual Radiology Days.  

All attendees received a jump drive of all translated presentations.  See here for a blog staff developed during the trip.  Video and links to the presentations to follow soon.  

The conference could not have succeeded without the coordinated efforts of representatives from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the Society or Radiologists in Ultrasound, Sonosite, GE,  ICC/Grace Children’s Hospital as well as WFPI.  

Our thanks to ACR and Grace Children's Hospital for the flawless planning and roll out of these courses.



The ACR-WFPI team 2014 included Drs. Dorothy Bulas, Jennifer Nicholas and Kimberly Applegate

ACRF International Outreach newsletter May 2014 


The ACR-WFPI 2013 team included Drs. Ron Cohen, Marthe Munden, Jennifer Nicholas, Eva Rubio and Rebecca Stein-Wexler`

March 2013: how it went

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Rebecca Stein-Wexler during her 2nd teaching trip to Haiti in 2013, undertaken on behalf of UCLA Davis


Mozambique - UCLA - Brazil

Project identified by Prof. Ines Boechat (UCLA), Dr Emily Hartford (Mozambique) and Dr. ALexandra Monteiro (Rio de Janeiro,Brazil) 

In May 2013, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) hosted two residents from the Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique, in its Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Imaging section with great success. The venture rolled out in collaboration with the UCLA's Centre for World Health and WFPI. UCLA's Centre for World Health has taken this partnership a step further through its support for a teaching and training  trip to Maputo in March 2014, undertaken by WFPI's President Prof. Ines Boechat.The visit focused on bedside training during pediatric rounds and lectures and strengthened interactions between pediatric and radiology teams. It will lead to further collaboration between UCLA, WFPI and the colleagues in Maputo.

Right: Prof. Ines Boechat (WFPI President) teaching in Maputo, Mozambique, March 2014

Dr. Paula Santos (Chief of Pediatrics) and Central Hospital de Maputo's pediatric team have asked for further chest imaging training. An extended rotation in pediatrics and pediatric imaging for a HCM faculty member - Dr. Josina Chaluf - took place at UCLA in June/July 2014. Possibilities for a 6 month internship at a hospital in Rio are under exploration.

Left: Dr. Josina Chalufo of Central Hospital Maputo with Prof. Ines Boechat during a pediatric imaging rotation at UCLA, July 2014 

Left: ER Pediatric entrance, Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique 


Maputo Central Hospital now seeks second opinions on difficult pediatric imaging cases from WFPI. Onsite coordinator: Dr. Josina Chalufo; WFPI tele-volunteers: Drs. Ricardo Faingold and Carolina Guimaraes. 

Further teaching

At the request of the Ministry of Health of Mozambique, the NGO “Health 4 Mozambican Children and Families”, in collaboration with the Portuguese Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and the Medical Schools from Porto, Hospital de S. João, Lisbon, Hospital de Santa Maria and Coimbra, Centro Hospitalar, held the "1st National Postgraduate Course in Radiology and Pediatric Ultrasound for Pediatricians" from 3 to 7 November 2014.  See here for more. 


Linking up with tele-medicine in Brazil

The Brazilian government, via the State University of Rio de Janeiro, has responded to the vastness of the country and health care disparities by developing an online approach. The UERJ Telehealth Centre has adopted the free, open sourced module platform for its distance education program and added on a teleconsulting system offering synchronous (live chat) or asynchronous access. The image below shows the reach of the pediatric radiology platform, RADPED. WFPI aims to facilitate Mozambique’s access to these e-learning platforms.