2015 Annual Members Meeting and Report



WFPI's 2015 Annual Members Meeting was hosted by Michael Riccabona and Erich Sorantin, ESPR Congress Presidents 2015, on June 5th 2015, attendance online and at ESPR's annual congress in Graz, Austria

Quorum: full

National/supranational: BSPR, GPR, ISPR, SASPI, SERPE, SFIPP, SPIN 

President and Chair: M. Ines Boechat (Brazil/USA, SPR)
Treasurer: Timothy Cain (Australia, AOSPR)
Secretary: Wendy Lam (Hong Kong, AOSPR)

Annual President & Treasurer's Report 2014-15

Onsite: Catherine Adamsbaum (France, SFIPP), Savvas Andronikou (South Africa/UK, SASPI), Ignasi Barber (Spain, SERPE), Dorothy Bulas (USA, SPR), Brian Coley (USA, SPR), Theresa Canas (Spain, SERPE), Goran Djurcic (Serbia, ESPR), Jim Donaldson (USA, SPR), Veronica Donoghue (Ireland, ESPR), Vincente Gilsanz (USA/Spain), Conceicao Guerra (Portugal), Katharine Halliday (UK, BSPR), Olga Hetsenko (Kyrgyzstan), Maria Louisa Lobo (Portugal, ESPR), Halvana Moodley (South Africa), Michaela Mamula (Croatia), Rutger-Jan Nievelstein (Netherlands, ESPR), Tijana Radovic (Serbia), Michael Riccabona (Austria, ESPR/GPR), Hans Ringertz (Sweden/USA, SPR), Erich Sorantin (Austria, ESPR), Cicero Silva (Brazil/USA, SPR)

Online: Aadil Ahmed (South Africa, SASPI), Kimberly Applegate (USA, Image Gently), Omolola Atalabi (Nigeria, SPIN), Denise Castro (Brazil/USA), Karen Chetcuti (Australia), Ivanna Daasic, Marina Doliner (Ukraine/USA), Donald Frush (USA, Image Gently/SPR), Anne Geoffray (France), Sylvie Moguillansky (Argentina, FAARDIT), Hansel Otero (Venezuala/USA, SPR/RAD AID), Sanjay Prabhu (India/USA, SPR), Michael Reiter (USA, RAD AID), Edith Rivaol (France), Akshay Saxena (India, ISPR), Gloria Soto (Chile, SLARP).

2014 Annual Members Meeting and Reports

WFPI's 2014 Annual General Meeting was hosted by Rutger Jan Nielvelstein, ESPR President 2014 and WFPI's Vice Treasurer on June 5th 2014, attendance online and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Quorum: full
National/supranational: BSPR, GPR, ISPR, SASPI, SERPE, SFIPP, SPIN
Quorum satisfied for an amendment to WFPI's bylaws, Article VII (2.1) authorizing future bylaws revisions to take place by email subject to strict member voting provisions.    

President and Chair: M. Ines Boechat (SPR: VOTING REP)
Treasurer: Timothy Cain (AOSPR)
Secretary: Wendy Lam (AOSPR: VOTING REP)

Aadil Ahmed (South Africa, SASPI), Savvas Andronikou (South Africa, AfSPI: VOTING REP), Omolola Atalabi (Nigeria, SPIN: VOTING REP), Richard Barth (USA, SPR), Dr. Bijon (India, ISPR: VOTING REP), Marc Born (Germany/GPR), Dorothy Bulas (USA, SPR), Jean-François Chateil (France, SFIPP: VOTING REP), Ronald Cohen (USA, SPR), Sue Craw (New Zealand, AOSPR), Kasha Darge (USA, SPR), Goran Djuricic (Serbia, ESPR), Veronica Donoghue (Ireland, ESPR), James Donaldson (USA, SPR), Celia Ferrari (Argentina, SLARP: VOTING REP), Marilyn Goske (USA, Image Gently), Katherine Halliday (UK, BSPR: VOTING REP), Jarrad Halton (MSF), Wolfgang Hirsch (Germany, GPR), Eva Kis (Hungry, ESPR), Cara Kosack (MSF), Bernard Laya (Philippines, AOSPR), Kieran McHugh (UK, ESPR), Sylvia Moguillansky (Argentina, SLARP), Alexandra Monteiro (Brazil, RAD PED), Quentin Moore (USA, WFPI), Jaishree Naidoo (South Africa, SASPI: VOTING REP), Rutger Jan Nievelstein (Netherlands, ESPR: VOTING REP), Cathy Owens (UK, ESPR), Sanjay Prabhu (USA, SPR), Michael Riccabona (Austria, GPR: VOTING REP), Hans Ringertz (Sweden, ISR), Ramon Sanchez (USA/Latin America, SLARP), Eloah Santos (Brazil, SLARP), Cicero Silva (USA, SPR), Maria Sinzig (Austria/GPR), Eric Sorantin (Austria, ESPR), Jose Luis Vasquez (Spain, SERP: VOTING REP)


  Approval of the 2014 President & Treasurer's Report - unanimous. Contents: 

Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders was a guest at this occasion and spoke about its imaging work - see here for the presentation given by MSF's Diagnostic Imaging Working Group.

Past AGMs and Reports


WFPI's 2013 Annual General Meeting was hosted by Sue Kaste, SPR President 2013, attendance online and in San Antonio, USA.

Timothy Cain MD (AOSPR - also managing the online meeting) & Ines Boechat MD (President, SPR) presenting the 2013-14 Annual Report, with Omolola Atalabi MD (AfSPI Representative, WFPI Council)

Online: Aadil Ahmed (South Africa, SASPI); Henri Ducou le Pointe (France, SFIPP); Goran Djuricic (Serbia, ESPR); Wendy Lam (Hong Kong, ASOPR); Silvia Moguillansky (Argentina, SLARP); Alexandra Monteiro (Brazil, SLARP); Catherine Owens (UK, ESPR); Erich Sorantin (Austria, ESPR); Rebecca Stein-Wexler (US, SPR); David Stringer (Singapore, AOSPR); Homer Zeng (China, AOSPR); Amanda Dehaye (France, WFPI staff). 

San Antonio, Texas, US (SPR Annual Meeting 2013): Savvas Andronikou (South Africa, AfSPI/SASPI); Omolola Monica Atalabi (Nigeria, AfSPI); Ines Boechat (US, SPR); Dorothy Bulas (US, SPR); Timothy Cain (Australia, AOSPR); Ronald Cohen (US, SPR); Kassa Darge (US, SPR); James Donaldson (US, SPR); Celia Ferrari (Argentina, SLARP); Bernard Laya (Philippines, AOSPR); Kieran McHugh (UK, BSPR/ESPR); Jaishree Naidoo (AfSPI/SASPI); Rutger Jan Nievelstein (Netherlands, ESPR); Vicci du Plessis (AfSPI/SASPI); Veronica Rookes (US, SPR); Akshay Saxena (India, ISPR); Jon Somers (UK, BSPR); Jennifer Boylan (US, SPR staff) 

Approval of the 2013 President & Treasurer's Report - unanimous. Contents: